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For treatment of bed bugs please call or request an appointment for a Free Inspection.

PestAnators will Inspect and provide you with an Affordable Solutions to get rid of Bed Bugs.
Bed Bug Treatment
PestAnators Pest Control Solutions Provides affordable solutions to bedbugs treatments for homes, hotels, and apartment buildings. Our treatment plans are aggressive yet affordable in the eradication of bedbugs.

Our bedbugs treatment plan include a free followup and free re-treatment if needed within 30 days of being treated.

Our treatment will include inspection for the best treatment option with some or all the treatments below as determine what the best eradication method for each unit.

- Remove all visible bed bugs and eggs using a HEPA dry particulate vacuum, HEPA Efficiency: 99.97% @ .3 micron.

- A dry vapor heat treatment of 220 to 240 degrees to local areas to killing both bed bugs and eggs.

- A residue treatment of areas where bedbugs hide killing both bedbugs and eggs.

- Treatment of baseboards and electrical outlets to adjoining rooms / apartments to control or prevent bedbugs moving to adjoining apartments.

- Treatment of flooring areas throughout home.

Bed Bug Information:

Bed bugs are parasites that feed on the blood of people, using these blood meals to grow and reproduce. They do not distinguish between dirty or clean homes and all people are vulnerable to infestations in their homes. Bed bugs are also capable of feeding on animals, including dogs, cats, and other pets.

They live close to areas where people typically sleep, rest, or sit for long periods. Hungry bugs will move out from their hiding places, in search of exposed skin. Typically, the head and neck are bitten, but bed bugs will also bite bare arms, hands, and legs. When searching for a place to feed, these bugs can move very quickly. Once an appropriate site is found, they feed for 2-5 minutes until full, and then move quickly away from the person and into a hiding place.

Adult bed bugs are oval, flattened, brown, and wingless insects approximately 1/4" to 3/8" long (5-9 mm). They are similar in appearance to a wood tick. After the bug has taken a blood meal, its color will change from brown to purplish-red. Also after feeding, it is larger and more cigar-shaped making it appear like a different insect. Young bed bugs are much smaller, 1/16" (1.6 mm) when they first hatch, and nearly colorless except after feeding, but resemble the adult in general shape. You may also find cast skins, which are empty shells of bugs as they grow from one stage to the next. After a blood meal, bed bugs deposit fecal spots (composed of digested blood) in areas adjacent to the feeding site or back at their hiding places.
Bedbugs image
Bedbugs image
Bed bugs are active at night and generally hide during the day. After mating, females lay white, oval eggs (1/16-inch long) into cracks and crevices. An individual bed bug can lay 200-250 eggs in her lifetime. The eggs hatch in about 6-10 days and the newly emerged bed bug nymphs seek a blood meal. Immature nymphs molt five times (i.e., they shed their outer exoskeleton in order to grow) before reaching adulthood. They need to feed at least once before each molt, although they could feed as often as once a day. There may be three or more generations per year. All ages are found in a reproducing population. Immature bed bugs may live for several months without feeding while adults may survive as long as one year without a meal. Under normal circumstances, adult bed bugs will live for about ten to eleven months.
Bed Bug Treatments for:

Hotels - Motels - Residental - Institutional - Commercial - Health care
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bedbug image
bedbug image
Lifecycle of bedbugs
bedbugs nesting image
bedbug image
bedbug image
bedbug image
bedbug image
Thinking bedbugs would be gone by throwing away bed and going to buy a new one, this bed is one week old. Notice the bedbugs and eggs just within a week. The window was right by the bed

Bedbugs on mini blinds
Bedbugs nest on window
Bedbug nest
bedbug image
bedbug image
bedbug image
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Bedbug Female
Male Bedbug
Underside of Female Bedbug
Underside of Male Bedbug
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